Computer Screens

Computer says no? Say "Yes" to quality repairs

Do you have a PC or laptop that is misbehaving? Sluggish, running slow and taking forever to perform simple tasks? We have a service for you!

Phoneline now offers fast and comprehensive repair services for laptops and PCs, giving you a reliable way to keep your device in top condition. 

Our Services

We offer a fast and reliable service to bring your devices back to working order as quickly as possible. We have a range of core services for common problems, and a series of diagnostic services for those problems that are a little more difficult! We offer repairs on all brands of laptop and desktop computers - including custom built computers. 

We source components brand new to give you the utmost confidence in the repair, however we can source refurbished components if budget is a concern. 

Diagnostic Services
Basic (1 Hour or Less)
Intermediate ( 2 Hours)
Advanced (3 Hours)
circuit breaker panel repair
Data Recovery
Failed hard drive? Lost photos and documents? Book a data recovery service with us and we will attempt a full data recovery for you
Data Cloud
Hardware Service
Computer full of dust and fans working overtime? Let us spring-clean and restore your device
Computer Circuit Board
Software Service
Is your computer running super slow? It might be time to fine-tune the system settings. Let us get you set up properly
Programming Console

Additional Services

We also offer a wide range of other common services: 

Windows Installation

       Windows 10 (upgrade)                        £30.00

       Windows 10 (new installation)          £32.50

       Windows 10 (reinstall - with data)    £55.00

Hard Drive Upgrades

       1 TB Hard Drive Installation       £100.00

                        - with data cloned      £120.00

       2 TB Hard Drive Installation       £130.00

                        - with data cloned      £150.00

       240 GB Solid-State Drive Installation  £77.50

                                       - with data cloned  £87.50

       480 GB Solid-State Drive Installation  £110.00

                                       - with data cloned  £125.00